Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day

Our History of April Fool's Day
Well, 17 years ago today I found out I was pregnant! How about THAT!? We weren't married at the time and can't even think of what was going on in his head when I told him we were PG!
On April Fool's Day! That's okay, I didn't really want to know either!

Truth of the matter is ... 17 years later we are still together and things are good. Now that April Fool's Day miracle has his driver's license and is borrowing my car ... ALL THE TIME! Wish me luck -- this is when the fun part of teenage parenting starts!

Baby Step Two (the beginning)
I've been starting work on my second page Debt Freedom Fighters BS2 that shows our story from the beginning. Yesterday I spent time reviewing the archives of floppy disks and found some of our original budgets and that will tell it's own story. One was from 1995 and one was from 1996. If I had any other budgets saved before that, they would have been on 5.25 floppies (remember those!?!?) and I no longer have a drive for them -- and I think I cut up all those floppies before we moved into the new house. However, the budgets I do have paint the appropriate picture. Stay tuned.

I baked a PIE!
I don't do pies. Oh, well if it's pudding in a store bought graham cracker crust - that I can handle. Pies never really turn out for me. Burnt tops - raw bottoms etc. Well, yesterday I made a recipe I found sometime in my life (I spent Saturday going through clipped recipes and organizing what I should keep and junking those I didn't) called PERFECT APPLE PIE. I figured, if the recipe was "Perfect" the worst I could do with it was "Okay" The voting around the house gave me a "Very Damn Good" (which I believe is somewhere in between) so I'm happy. I can officially bake a pie.

The Countdown Begins
I wonder at what age I will stop caring about my birthday. I mean, seriously now!
I'm going to be 39 in SIX MORE DAYS! And things about my birthday that never change:

  1. My mom calls me and sings the Happy Birthday song... "and manyyyyy more!"
  2. My mom STILL bakes me an incredible chocolate fantasy cake of a recipe she hunts all year for!
  3. My husband needs a list of what I want for my birthday. (at least he remembers the date!)
  4. It's our eldest cat, Chelsie's given birthday too. We are figuring her to be 21. I got her in August 1989 and she wasn't a kitten then. She's amazing and is using every one of the 9 lives she was given. Bless that damn cat! We love her!


Kris said...

HAPPY birthday! (Only because I know I won't remember on Monday...naughty me...) - and holy CRAP, that cat has been around! lol

I can't make pies, either. I buy frozen pie shells, or the unfold-em pie shells from Pillsbury. Those usually work for me. Yay for great pie! :)