Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year! (yes I know it's mid January)

Happy New Year!
I've never been more concerned about a year as I am entering 2009. I refuse to be Henny Penny and cry that the sky is falling, but holy cow! I hope all my blogging buddies are weathering this financial storm okay. All I can say is:

  1. I'm glad that I started Dave Ramsey when I did, so I have a whole lot less credit card debt than I had before which means lower monthly payments.
  2. I should not have purchased that car!
At a Complete Stand Still
Storm clouds all around and doesn't look to be getting any better until this economy shifts. My husband's overtime was such a blessing in helping whack the debt away - however without it it seems like nothing is getting done. No extra money to the snowball, and cutting back on some budget items that we could do without -- temporarily. Good news is -- that despite the lay-offs that have been rocketing through his workplace -- he still has a job.

My son and I work at the same restaurant. We got news that he will most likely get laid off until spring and they look to be cutting everyone's hours - including managers. These short checks really are starting to hurt.

Silver Lining
Having a stockpile is really going to come in handy! The grocery bills have been low and can probably go a little lower if need be (who am I kidding ...there will need be)

Wishing everybody the best!
Hold onto your bootstraps everyone!