Saturday, April 05, 2008

Selling Stuff? How about your old books?

Hmm... here's a strong alternative to selling on ebay. Cash4Books PAYS YOU for your books rather than YOU having to SELL your books on ebay or! Not a bad idea. Definitely a better way to play in my opinion. Here's some basic info from the site:

Get Cash for your Used (or New) Books!
Just Follow These FOUR EASY STEPS:

Step 1. Enter the ISBN(s) from your book(s) into the Cash4Books form above. Type in ISBN(s) by pressing the Enter key after each one. Click 'price my books' to see our offer. If we are buying the book(s), they will be added to your Seller Cart.
Step 2. Go through Checkout and give us your contact information. Please thoroughly read our book condition requirements.
Step 3. Ship your book(s) to us. We pay the shipping. Specific instructions are provided after submitting your books to sell.
Step 4. Get Paid, FAST! For payment, we will mail you a check, or pay you via PayPal, within 3 business days after we receive and process your book(s).

If you have a blog or website they have an affiliate option that allows you to earn $4.00 for each new customer that your unique link brings in. The blog owner that I signed up under had already earned over $70. Get rid of some books and earn extra money too. NICE!

Now to go find all my books and dust them puppies off!