Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol - (not so) Inspriational

What would that make me if I was uninspired by music that inspires others??

David Archuleta, “Angels” -- different sound for him. Nice- but I still want to know what genre HE belongs in HIMSELF.
David Cook, “Innocent” -- his head didn't look in the game. Not pompous as Simon said, but I don't think he was there. Didn't care for the song too much, but I still love his voice!
Jason Castro, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” -- Okay seriously! I'm beginning to wonder about my musical tastes if they thought this was anything but obnoxious! I couldn't wait for it to be over.
Brooke White, “You’ve Got a Friend” -- I liked it. We definitely know what kind of album she would put out there.
Michael Johns, “Dream On” -- Steven Tyler he is not, but yes Randy - American Idol IS about dreams! Idiot! He was an ass last night. Back to Michael Johns. He picked another powerful song to hopefully capture his Queen accolades. Just goes to prove the judges don't know what they want.
Kristy Lee Cook, “Anyway” -- Did a nice job. Did she get over the hump?
Syesha Mercado, “I Believe” -- Very nice song - I liked it better than when Fantasia sang it (but still liked Diana's version better)
Carly Smithson, “The Show Must Go On” -- Angry? I saw it during the chorus, but I do that when I sing too (and it's not a pretty picture vocally or visually! LOL) I think Simon is getting bored with her.

My votes for the Bottom Three:
Jason - not if the judges flowery spew swayed the votes
David - being honest although I think he is the star of this show -- that song didn't do it for him.

My vote for the one way ticket home:
It should be Jason - by everything good in this world it should be Jason HOWEVER
I think it may be


Wendy said...

I won't sit here and spew negative stuff and therefore putting this as a comment rather than a new post all together.

1. Randy Jackson - you are an idiot!

2. Simon - you were wrong.

3. Michael Johns - this was not your week. And for the record: American Idol IS about Dreams coming true.