Thursday, June 07, 2012

Not Quite Gazelle, but ......

We're Still At It

So much has changed about our lives since we started this process and while we are still one easy to pay off debt away from being DEBT FREE, we are changing gears.  Our last credit card debt  is incurring a 0% finance charge for the life of the loan - so I haven't been in a gigantic hurry to pay it off.  Instead, I've been saving for future issues, such as a replacement car, paying medical bills, house repairs and yes, frivolous spending such as a vacation and replacement wardrobe after losing weight.  

Diets and Emeals
I <3 eMeals
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Recent trip to the doctor didn't go very well, as my blood tests came back with red flags and a warning from the doctor - YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!  Long story short, I dropped 50 pounds over the last year, by using portion control, drinking a ton of water, watching labels, and counting calories.  Thankfully eMeals added a BUNCH of new categories for me to pick from:  Low Carb, Low Fat, Portion Control .... Simple recipes for  busy me!  Good recipes too.  In my new diet adventure, I was hunting through recipe books and turning up my nose to a lot of the ICK that's out there in the diet world.  Looking and feeling a lot better this year than I was at this time last year!  I guess all you need is a good diet and a good plan!

Income - Expenses
It's nice to see that we are finally getting to a point where our income is over what our expenses are.  So many changes in our titles at work and the salaries to go along with those changes.  We are slowly getting ahead in areas that I never thought we would.  Regardless of that - I'm still clipping those coupons, watching sales flyers and clearance racks.  I swear, I don't think I'd ever change back after being what we've been through.  Cash is still King.  Envelopes get stuffed every month.  We are watching what we spend.  We still have a plan.  Most importantly ---- LIFE IS GOOD!