Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Man! I forgot about that!

Spring Cleaning Tips

You know, I've been waiting for weeks for the weather to break. I've been so ready to pack away the ice scraper, snow shovels and my winter jacket. This winter has been brutal on my peace of mind, I'm telling you that! One thing I did forget about with this anticipation of spring .... THE CLEANING!

{{insert loud groan here}}

In assessing the job ahead of me, I noticed that the dust bunnies took advantage of a cold winter. They spent the time multiplying as bunnies do. My windows are atrocious and I'm afraid to empty out the fridge to clean the shelves. It goes without saying that the piles of paper that I have in multiple areas of the house will have to find new homes too (in which case, I will never be able to find them again)

I'd be perfectly happy to welcome in spring from the comfort of my hammock - but I have to attack these dust bunnies before they get me first! If you don't see me post for awhile.......... SEND HELP!

UPDATE: It's amazing what you can find on the internet! I found a website dedicated to HOUSE CLEANING! Amazing that people enjoy enough to build a website to help others along. It looks well laid out and extensive. FLYLADY.NET