Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Trudging forward ....

New Budget for Lean Times
February marked the first budget for the lean times and shortened hours for both husband and myself. Whoa! What a difference that money made in our existence. A lot of needed items were cut from the month to month budget for now and thankfully there's a surplus in the category's sinking fund so I'll be okay - for now. We are already backed to minimums on our debts which is still $600.00 a month and not much left to cut back.

I was able to tuck away my "extra" paycheck for January just in case we run a little short until this mess sorts itself out.

My husband's job happens to think that February will be the leanest month of the year and that things may return to a closer sense of normal in March. They've already done some severe and some shocking lay offs - so they are down to skeleton crew.

The restaurant business in a tourist town is a fickle thing, however the few things I can count on= Winterfest, Spring Break and Summer Kickoff (Memorial Day.) As long as I can keep it together until then, all will be fine. I just keep telling myself that. All will be fine.

Oh, I AM getting a tax refund!
With my son have turned 17 and we no longer get that great discount for having a child - I was a little concerned if we were going to be getting back much of anything. If I could jump on my soap box a moment: How in the world do they consider a 17 year old "not a child" when they are still in high school, not living on their own, and still raiding the pantry, going to to the doctor, dentist etc. I'm still responsible for him - the credit should last until the year he turns 18! ANYWAY, I did my preliminaries on the Tax Cut software to see that despite no credit for him, and the extra income from ChaCha and Mike's blessed overtime, that we are actually getting a refund. For now, I'm going to hold onto it as a monetary security blanket. Once things turn around - out goes our lowest debt. BANG! Right now, I need the security more. That debt costs me $24 a month. I'll ride on that thought.

How do you cope with stress? Not just money stress - but any stress? I've had some major upheaval in my life lately and the stress is starting to show in different places -- but I'm too broke too drink! ROFL!!!

Another Goodbye To a Faithful Friend
January marked the passing of our second 20 year old kitty, Chelsie Lynn. She was a remarkable cat who I think was in life and will be in death our family's guardian angel. She was such a blessing to us I can't even begin to write in a blog. Much like my other kitty that passed last year - they aren't replaceable. They will forever own my heart.