Saturday, March 08, 2008

Working at a restaurant has it's perks!

Holy Ricotta Cheese, Batman!
The owner of the restaurant and I were chatting yesterday and he asked me if I liked Ricotta Cheese. Well, let's see -- An Italian girl living in Wisconsin -- OF COURSE I LIKE RICOTTA CHEESE! What do you make when he says he's going to give you some? Typical lasagna or stuffed shells, most likely. What do you do if he gives you a 5 pound tub of homemade Ricotta cheese? You get creative REALLY FAST!

Not for the faint of heart or the high of cholesterol!
So besides a lasagna made with the BEST Italian sausage from the Italian grocery I go to - and now this homemade ricotta cheese what else do you do with FIVE POUNDS of it?

Here we go!

Ricotta Cheese Cake (I made it with marble cake mix)

Sicilian Cheesecake (I am following the suggestion to omit the cinnamon/salt/orange and will add amaretto instead!)

I'll pack some of this stuff for the freezer as there is NO WAY I'll be able to eat this much this week. Just alone up top here.... 4 pounds of ricotta and 12 eggs!

If my mom wasn't making a Calzone Pie for Easter, I would have made one of those too. (That's another 3 pound ricotta cheese meal! LOL)


Erin said...

Can you send some to NJ?

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