Sunday, March 02, 2008

Organizing - Part Two

A Quick Story of Cause & Effect
My last post said I was heading shopping with more coupons than I had been because of finally spending the time to organize my coupons. I wound up with coupons and sales saving a little over 50% of my grocery bill! I haven't done that in a while!!!

Raising the bar
My dh decided to give up a little of his blow money so we can restock our freezer and just get more groceries in general. (More junk food in general would be the correct term, but who am I to argue with getting a bump in my grocery fund) I'm not so stretched and it feels good. Of course, now with the coupons in line - you watch I will find it easier to stay within the original dollar amount. LOL

A Story about Potatoes
On my home away from here , there was a question posed about potato recipes from Kris - the fact is we can pick up 5 to 10 pounds of potatoes pretty cheap. What do you do with all of the potatoes? What are your potato recipes? Here's a link to our running conversation about spuds (if you are working to get out of debt - via Dave Ramsey's plan, you'll want to register for this site anyway!)