Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol (after the fact)

Not that anybody has been reading my Idol opinions but ...

I forgot to post what I thought about Tuesday night's performances. Not that I can really VOTE for who was in the bottom three ... but the fact that Ramielle hasn't been in the bottom three yet amazes me.

David Cook, “Billie Jean” -- I don't care whose version it was ... it blew my head off! Although it would be nice if he could have taken full credit for the amazing rendition. Here's Chris Cornell's version -- after listening to that I think David did an exceptional job!!!
Michael Johns, “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” -- amazing - not flawless, but amazing.
Syesha Mercado, “If I Was Your Woman” -- nice. I don't think I would have put her in the bottom three this week.
Carly Smithson, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” -- always loved the song so I didn't have a problem with it.
Ramiele Malubay, “Alone” -- No no No! I just don't get this girl's lasting power. Incredible.
Brooke White, “Every Breath You Take” -- I actually liked this one (and I'm admittedly not a fan of hers)
David Archuleta, “You’re the Voice” -- whatever. You know, I am getting sick of hearing the screaming girls every time this guys face hits the screen.
Chikezie, “If Only for One Night” - Nope, not tonight. There's just better than him here - although it's Kristy's choice of songs that knocked Chikezie out.
Jason Castro, “Fragile” -- thank God! Bottom Three. Wake Up Call! Drop the dime-bag and get with the program!
Kristy Lee Cook, “God Bless the U.S.A.” She sang it really well, and even if she hadn't done a great job - who could vote her out after singing THAT song! I knew it as soon as I heard what she was singing that there was NO WAY she'd be out.

I would have voted Ramiele, Chikeze and Jason in the bottom three ... and Ramiele out.
So I admit I was wrong with my choice.

Like I said, I don't think anyone cares about my opinions - but I felt bad not skipping a week since I started this.


Kris said...

lol - I actually watched it last night, first time this season. Last season just bored me so much, I hated that beat box guy, and I've been really bummed since the rockers haven't been winning (what are people thinking, voting off Chris Daughtry??)...

I LOVED the guy who sang Billie Jean. He could sooo win it. The others were kinda blah, it seemed (but I only saw the little clippies they show on vote-off night). I hated the one that sang Fragile. It's such an amazingly beautiful song - and he RUINED it. He should die. ;)

Wendy said...

Ahhh, yes! Mr. Daughtry. Beat out by a Taylor Hicks? Where is he now? Hmmm.... LOL

I actually gave up on American Idol, but DH got me to watch it again. UGHH!! I hate being addicted to TV Shows!