Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol -- 8 Men Standing

I am the 80's -- my whole teenage scene was 100% the 80's. Was excited to see the 80's -- but the guys didn't seem to pick the best featured songs of the 80's. The David Hernandez song was great, but bugged me because it wasn't popular in the 80's -- it was popular in the 90's. It was a remake from a one album commercial flop by a band called Original Sin. So I guess that's why it was a valid song choice - on a technicality. Still a good vocal. I've got to give him credit.

I hope that none of the girls do HEART again! Loved Heart, had enough of with this group of gals already.

Amanda will do Bonnie Tyler, "Making Love out of Nothing at All" or "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (my opinion for a song choice for her- soley NOT a spoiler)

Best of the Night:
David Cook, “Hello” --I hated this song in the 80's. David's version was stellar! LOVED IT! (guitar could have been left out)
Michael Johns, “Don’t You Forget About Me” -- I'm sorry -- I just like this guy!
David Hernandez, “It’s All Coming Back Me to Now” -- blew me away!! HOWEVER as far as I can remember it didn't get fame until 96 when it was recorded by Celine and again in 2006 by Meatloaf.
David Archuleta, “Another Day in Paradise” -- Good as always. Ehhh...

Just Alright, Dawg:
Chikezie, “All the Woman I Need”
-- He's on one week, he's off another week. This was his off week.
Danny Noriega, “Tainted Love” -- Liked how he made it current, love HIM and his personality. Not sure if it was strong enough to keep him around.

Sorry - Not Getting it.
Luke Menard, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”
To me, this is the last of the dead weight. Once he's gone - the big dogs can play!
Jason Castro, “Hallelujah” - Didn't get why the rave reviews. Pushing for votes for someone else to get voted out is my guess. Of course, I never heard the song before so what do I know.

MY votes for going home:
Luke Menard (finally) & Chikezie

Who I think they will send home:
Luke & (gulp) Danny :(