Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Weekly Menu Update

Let the stocking up begin! This week I had an extra perk in the grocery budget and I made the best of a good thing! Let's see what I got for FREE this week:

A pouch of cat treats
1/2 gallon of Dean's Ice Cream
2 bags of Steamfresh Corn
4 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats

I hit my Italian grocery for produce and prosciutto ham for my salad on Easter and Hungarian Sausage that was on sale. I then filled my cart at Aldi for a whole $69.00 and most of it was stock up for a later date! LOVE IT! DH finds comfort in an overflowing pantry as well!

No Corned Beef and Cabbage this week since we just had it, and not too adventurous in the meal planning department this week. I switched my Emealz from ANY STORE to the new choice of ALDI. The whole list - should I have needed everything was $62.00 for the 7 days of meals! I was impressed! Decent meal ideas - I'm saving it for next week, I think.

This Week's Meals:

Monday: French Toast Bake
Tuesday: Hungarian Sausage & Pierogies
Wednesday: Monterrey Spaghetti (with Chicken)
Thursday: Kielbasa Soup
Friday: Winging it - pantry pot luck!
Saturday: Italian Easter at my mom's! I can't wait!
Sunday: Boys on their own (I work at night)


Kris said...

Great job on the free stuff! I just LOVE coming home with a bag of stuff from CVS and telling dh, "Guess what we got for $1.25 out of pocket?" or something like that, and then pulling out more...and more...and more!

I got the coupon for free cat treats, too - I always grab the free, but our mutt won't allow a cat in the house. I think I'll donate them to the Humane Society or something. I have a bag of animal stuff (treats, etc) that I've gotten for free - maybe I'll drop them off there sometime this week.

Wendy said...

Oh some of the stories I hear about CVS is CRAZY!! I haven't had a trip like THAT for awhile. But I defintaly saved a boat-load last week.

I scored some extra free cat treats coupons for our 3 amigas so they'll be set for the rest of the year! (maybe)