Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gearing up for April

April's Budget

Again, courtesy of my You Need a Budget (YNAB) software I present by April budget! (you'll see a pun here shortly)

Changes to the budget this month include a reduction in school lunches. Because of Spring Break, I had left over funds in the lunch account that can roll over until April.

We changed plans for our Budget Billing with the Master Plumbers to include our expensive MicroPowerguard furnace filters.

$6.00 for cell phone? Well, that's because I accidentally paid them twice this month. Oops! Forgot that I had just signed up for autopay. DUH!

Gifts will be a new addition from now on. I've been meaning to put in on here, but this month was a no-brainer because ... IT'LL BE MY 39th BIRTHDAY IN APRIL! Of course, part of that money will reimburse the checking account for by son's Easter present that I forgot to budget for March. OOPS!

The grocery stockpile is growing by leaps and bounds. I've had to rearrange the upper shelf in my closet to help store extra boxes of pasta and other staples that I was able to get a good deal on while I have the extra grocery money. I'll be dipped if we are going to have a flour shortage and I won't have pasta! I won't hear of it!

Finding Money
The whole thing about this process is to find money in places you wouldn't be looking normally. Squeeze your budget til it screams - etc.

Today, I decided to try my luck and contact Bank of America to see if I could get a lower APR rate on my credit card. I half expected them to laugh at me because I haven't used the card .. it's just been a storage account for my transferred balance.

Long story short - they lowered my rate from 14.75% to 9.9% without any hassle at all.
That should save me about $300 in finance charges. (if my pay off date goes as planned) NICE!

What's with the UNDER CONSTRUCTION thing there, Wendy?
I thought I may do a BS2 in rewind. Not that what I've done is beyond spectacular, but I thought I would share my story and what I did back in July when I decided to do my TMMO. What I did to get me to where I am now which is halfway between here and there.

BZZZ Agent - BZZ of the Day
So from time to time, I get to try new products and let people know what I thought of them.
I got in the mail today my Glade Wisp Flameless Candle. I was excited to get this because I often light candles and leave them burning unsupervised - especially in the powder room. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson from my gel potpourri incident at the last house. Gel Potpourri burns quick and leaves dense smoke in case you didn't know. Anyway, this new Wisp Flameless Candle holder is much bigger than I was expecting. I was picturing a holder that would hold something similar to a votive. This is much bigger - looks very nice and is easy to turn on and off. Best yet, safe for use in my powder room (or anywhere else that I've left it unattended) It's available in an array of Glades fragrances including my favorite Rainshower! I've got those darn plug ins all over my house too!

Oh is my Mom going to be upset!

Her "secret" recipe for Spaghetti Pie was one of the meals on my Aldi Store Emealz menu list this week! The recipes are very darn similar! And because my mom will never get a computer, I don't mind sharing the recipe because it is sooooo yummy!!!

You can find here in one my previous posts: Spaghetti Pie


Anonymous said...
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Kris said...

Wow, I didn't realize we were so close in age! You must've graduated in '87, too. ;) I turned 38 in November.

I'm working really hard to tweak the budget to send more out to the creditors - I feel like our snowball has logjammed since we bought the car (a pretty stupid "duh" statement when you think about it...ummm...what did you expect it to do, Kris?!). We soooo need to get going on it. Ugh.

Thanks for the kick in the pants to get going! lol