Monday, March 24, 2008

Ramblings .....

If I didn't care about debt anymore ...
This may be my car. $400 per month payments for a really classy ride with bells and whistles galore! I'd probably need to take a class in order to learn all of what the buttons and knobs did. I didn't check, but I bet the darn car would probably talk to me too! Ahhhh, if I didn't care about my debt at all -- I'd have a really sweet ride.

But the reality is that I DO care - and I DON'T want the $400 monthly payments. My 1997 Lumina has been one heck of a car for me and besides the fact that the air conditioning unit doesn't work anymore ... there isn't a reason to replace her. She has her blemishes, but then again -- so do I. It was fun, however, to build a car online and watching the numbers increase insanely with each gizmo and gadget that I added.

On the Work front
Welp, the storytellers are still keeping the latest script under wraps at my dh's job. We're not being fed contradictory stories this week, so I guess that's okay. It's funny though being and outsider and seeing how things work.

"Whoa! Guys! We are so busy! We can't keep up with all the orders. I can see overtime lasting for {insert long time frame here}." Yippee... overtime for {insert long time frame here}! This is great news! Then two weeks later you hear "Whoa! Guys! No overtime. In fact, we are going to cut some people's hours. If you want to take vacation time ... go ahead and use it now. We don't know when it will pick up." Really? What happened to ALL THOSE ORDERS and the overtime that was going to be lasting so long because we were OH SO BUSY? I learned to take it with a grain of salt but you begin to wonder if the business itself can be bi-polar instead of the bosses that run it. Currently, the overtime is there - and I'm going to milk it for all it's worth!!

On a scale of 1 - 5 what does the staff think of me? This is the question on the block the last two weeks as the staff got manager evaluations to fill out. What they tell me to my face - 5's. I'm aces! The favorite. Truth? Who knows. I don't think we'll even get to see them. It's for the owner and the GM to "review". Why? I dunno. What are the consequences? Probably nothing. Raises? Pshhh! Yeah! Right!!! I can dream, but since we got raises less than a year ago, I'd have to say NO.

I was blog jumping again this week and I came across an interesting post on another "new to me" blog. This one was from DEBT SMACK and the post was about how those with vacation houses don't have the same clutter clogging it like our everyday houses do. They have the bare essentials that you need and somehow, it's always enough. My comment basically was that I am a sentimental pack-rat. I save things that have value, no value, or may have value someplace down the line. It was an interesting read - and although I would LOVE to simplify my life, I don't know if I could keep my house like a vacation house.

I put a little bit more to the Bank of America card than I should have this month. I forgot that although I transferred the money to the checkbook to pay for my annual home owners insurance that I forgot to write the check out for it. So THAT'S where all that extra money came from! Ahh well. A little less payment next month. Good thing the insurance isn't actually DUE until May 1st.