Sunday, March 09, 2008

End of Week Update

A little extra goes a long way
As stated in an earlier post, I was given a bit more buck for the bang on the grocery budget.
Still keeping my weekly 3 store run for deals, I have been able to restock the pantry, spice cabinet and the empty freezer is getting full! (should have defrosted the freezer while it was empty -- but will a freezer defrost while it's in a garage in the Midwest in winter??)

Important Stockpile Information
I've been watching for "the sale" on pasta that my Italian grocery gets every once and awhile. That's when I typically stock up on pasta to last me for ... quite awhile. Well, I haven't seen a sale on pasta in quite awhile, however what I HAVE seen is the prices going UP!

I guess this little "Grain Shortage" they have been touting lately may actually be true. Because of this, I bought 6 boxes of Aldi Penne Rigate and 3 bags of flour. Take notice in your area if this is one of your staples and stock up so you have what you need.

Small Battles in a Large War
My Citibank statement came in - and although I had noticed the total due and even posted it here - it finally hit me at the small victory that had happened that I hadn't really noticed before. First I have to tell you a little story about my Citibank card.

Back in the good old days when balance transfers were free and the percentage rates were super low FOR LIFE, I decided to throw quite a bit of debt onto this Citibank card. I call it my storage card. "I'll pay for it when I can" because the payments were low and the finance charges were either 0% one balance transfer and 1.99% on the other - there was no urgency. And there wasn't. I've been paying the mins on that card forever!

I started at $17,000 of transferred STUPID debt from other credit cards that were used as my life support because I was living without a plan.

The small victory? It's under $10k!

My friend sent me an email asking what was on my list this week. For those who haven't heard about E-Mealz there are quite a few posts about it on my blog. It's a nice and easy list of meals with recipes and a grocery list. Saves time and money by having a plan BEFORE you walk into the grocery store! I'm on the Any-Store plan and I've been mix and matching meals from previous weeks. (I'm always a rebel) here's a snippet of what's on my Meal List this week from E-Mealz :

Chicken Piccatta (I love lemon!)
Pepper Steak
Baked French Toast (different than my recipe!)
Black Bean & Smoked Sausage Soup

I'm getting into making a soup every week. The boys didn't care for my Greek Lemon Chicken & Rice last week. "Too much lemon!" Ahh, well. MORE FOR ME!


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Hi Wendy! My CITI card is also under 10,000 (March 20th) if feels so good!! keep up the great work and can you post your recipe for chicken picata?


Tracee said...

From one family to dug themselves "out" of debt (still have a student loan) to another - nice to meet you. I too am a Dave Ramsey follower.

It's better at the other end of the long hard tunnel - but it's worth it. Security is priceless.