Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spent a little time organizing today ...etc.

"Hello. My name is Wendy and I'm a pack-rat."
I just spent a good couple of hours purging expired coupon inserts - some dating back as far as September! My store used to take expired coupons and that's why I saved them. I used to be better about organizing though. Every month had their own huge manila envelope so I knew where to begin the hunt for a certain coupon. But alas... I hit a rut and just started throwing them all together -- well not even THAT good. Some were in the car, some were on the table, some were in the trunk with my ALDI box, and some were on the computer table.

Now everything is back together - by month, in envelopes and my recycle bin is FULL of outdated coupons! Whew!

How do I do my coupons?
I cut and paste the coupon database from into a spreadsheet. I can then do a sort for the coupon I need by brand name and I knew what date the insert is in. Typically a flawless idea - unless I used to coupon already -- or the coupon is expired.

Heading to the store --
I hate shopping on Saturdays - however, there are some great ONE DAY ONLY sales today... and now that I have my coupons organized I'll be going with about 20 of them instead of 1 or NONE like I have been doing lately.

Printing --
I printed more envelopes for me to use too. Long and shorts. I use the longs and write my grocery lists on them and store my coupons in there too.

** I heard a rumor that April 1st will be another FREE INK REFILL day at Walgreens. I took advantage of this last time they offered it. You had to wait for a couple of days for it (no one hour) but for free? I can wait.

Back to organizing --
If you could only see my kitchen table -- aka JUNK DRAWER and my computer desk! I guess I can brag because I organized one area... but I've got a LONG way to go!!!


Kris said...

I got tired of going through the coupon inserts...for awhile there, I was cutting out every single coupon, but no more. The insert goes in the desk drawer, and if I know I'm heading out (like to CVS or something), I'll check to see if any coupons match sales.

I don't get the cool mark-downs at Target with this set up, but it saves me time. :)'s your snowfall? It's supposed to hit 48 here tomorrow. Can you believe it? I'm so excited - I'm going to open up the house for a little fresh air.

And thanks for all the potato recipes on LLNOE - they sound awesome! I think I'll be making your Italian g'ma's pototoes tomorrow - sounds like something my dh will LOVE. You rock!

Wendy said...

Hi Kris!

Nice to see you back!

I've tried everything as far as coupons were concerned. I had this huge rolodex thing that snapped onto the cart. It got a lot of talk, and gawk -- but it wasn't right for my style. I tried cutting and keeping in envelopes ... that didn't work out so well. I then kept them in inserts and I would sit down and thumb through ALL the inserts. This way, I have a database of what coupons there are avail. and which insert it's in. MUCH QUICKER. Saves me gaggles of time.
And yes, I don't get those unpublished specials paired with coupon deals -- but you know what? I used to buy all kinds of things just because it was a great deal...and I didn't use them. So who won here?

I gave up on the snowfall. I haven't been really keeping track lately. My dh probably knows - but I think he'd guess a little short of the mark. Opening the house would be great -- and I can't wait to hang my hammock!!

The key to my Italian grandma's potatoes .... DON'T SCRIMP ON THE BUTTER!! You'll love em!!

Again. Nice to see you back!