Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Top 12

So was this an ironic day on American Idol. Both boys who have been rumored to already have people writing songs for them for AFTER their stint on Idol did poorly last night. A little bit of reality set in?

1. David Cook, “Eleanor Rigby”: This was great! I was wondering where he was going for a little bit in the beginning, but by the end I had a full idea! Nice to see that he was genuinely thrilled with his performance rather than sitting cool.
2. Brooke White, “Let It Be”: Again, same sound as she's always had. Is she going to be 2008's Carrie Underwood? No stage presence just a pretty face with a very nice voice!
3. Carly Smithson, “Come Together”: Very strong voice! But often plays second fiddle to SOMEBODY!
4. Jason Castro, “If I Fell”: The faces he was making while singing were cracking me up. Again, the hippy will pass another day.
5. Michael Johns, “Across the Universe”: I was hoping for more from him. He's got a solid voice, but after watching some of the performances tonight, he kind of fell short.
6. Amanda Overmyer, “Can’t Do That”: Well, she was all smiles tonight. Makes me wonder MORE of what was eating her last week! Did a nice job.
7. David Archuleta, “We Can Work It Out”: As Simon said after David Cook, "If this was a singing competition instead of a popularity contest you would probably win" Well, here's the thing: Despite him forgetting the words and really floundering with this song, I doubt Lil David will be in the bottom 3 -- EVEN THOUGH it is a FATAL FLAW most of the time.
8. Chikezie, “She’s a Woman”: My favorite performance of the night. Man, he gets into his songs sometimes, doesn't he!? Just amazing energy and full of life on stage!
9. Ramiele Malubay, “In My Life”: So many better than her -- especially after Chikezie. She couldn't hold a candle.
10. Syesha Mercado, “Got To Get You Into My Life”: She's cute. I think she's counting on her acting background and her presence to keep her in. Sooner or later that won't be enough.
11. Kristy Lee Cook, “Eight Days a Week”: Of course, that will be the only song I wind up singing today. Damn her! I hated it. She's trying to hard for something and if it's to please Simon who changes what he wants day to day.... you can just forget about it and hang it up. Which is what I think will happen tonight.
12. David Hernandez, “I Saw Her Standing There”: Are you kidding? This was terrible! How could you DO that, David!

My vote for the bottom 3:
David Hernandez
Kristy Lee Cook
Ramielle Malubay

Who's going home:
Kristy Lee

Who would go home based only on THIS performance and IF this was truly a SINGING competition:
David Archuleta


Wendy said...

One word and one word only to describe tonight's elimination....


MDKS said...

I found you on the Ultimate Blog Party and I LOVE your site. We're huge Dave fans in our family. And we're living debt free!! So you go girl. Keep it up. Love it!

Wendy said...

Thanks for visiting and the motivation! I'm hoping to get there soon -- plugging away one day at a time (and wishing it was going faster!)

MDKS said...

You can do it sista! Dave is so awesome and there's nothing like getting to the place where you don't owe anybody anything. It's AMAZING!

You can find me anytime you need encouragement at:

Have a wonderful day!! I support you!

Jessie R. said...

Neat Site! I was just stopping in to say Hi! Thanks for being part of the party!