Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Candidates aren't the only ones who FLIP FLOP

Contradictory News from the Workplace

Who knows whose story to believe or to believe ANY. My dh's workplace is under new ownership and what the story WAS ... isn't what the story IS. Problem is, nobody really knows what the story is... REALLY, because the storytellers aren't talking. An already short story shorter ..... I have a feeling it will effect our DEBT FREE date. Hopefully that's ALL it effects! I can live with that!

We're halfway between here and there (not counting the HELOC that were able to move into BS6) but it's a hard road for the second half of the journey. The only good news there is that our tax refunds and this little tax rebate will hit the Bank of America card before the rate goes up to 15.9. That will help. I'd transfer the balances to another card, but what's owed would have to be split amongst more than one card and the transfer fees aren't as gravy as they used to be. Like I said, hard road now. Time to get creative!


Kris said...

The waiting is always the worst. I hate that.

You've been on the road, though - and you have plans with your E-meals, you have a little EF, and you have focus. You'll get through this. I'll keep my fingers crossed (because we know how much that works...). :)

It's terrific that you'll get the fed rebates, etc in time to help pay off the debt before the rates rise! Yay you!

I keep telling dh - if we can do this in 3 years, think of what life could be like...just think... lol It helps to keep him focused and not-quite-as-intense as I am (which is not-quite-as-intense as some people!) - but jeez. I would be ecstatic if it could be gone in 3 years.

Wendy said...

Ahhh yes, I can't start the "woe is me" card. That never helps me out. Even since this post the company has changed it's mind on new policy and what's going to be happening a couple of more times. It stresses the dh out which in turn REALLY stresses me out.

In my head (and on my spreadsheet) I have a miracle of a July 2009 pay off date. That's our 2 year anniversary in the TMMO scheme of things. We'll see if it happens that way.

I plan and plan -- and always for best case scenerio because I'm the optimist of the family. Thank God, there's at least one of us who is!!!