Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Need A Budget - helped me find an error in my budget

I went in to view my budget and a pop up screen came up that told me there was an update available. I usually hate updates. They change something that I like, and I get frustrated trying to figure it out. I'm a little resistant to change.
Well, I downloaded the update and sure enough, things were different and I was getting frustrated trying to figure it out. Of course, if I would have read the material that went with the update, I probably would have done a little better. I think I must have been male in a past life (not reading directions).
I had never figured out how the "IMPORT TRANSACTIONS" worked before, because when I tried downloading them they'd save my Quicken files as Money files and I don't have Money. (AAHHHAAA -- "I don't have Money!!") Anyway, I figured that out yesterday with the update and all hell broke loose in my budget. After fixing things and deleting things from LAST YEAR that got imported because I forgot to set the dates - I found that my budget was messed up by the tune of $190. To the bad as it looks. I went into my Quicken program to see that, yes - I was short. Because I had been going a month ahead, it never caught up with me.
Guess we will have to revise where that earlier bonus is going. Oops!
At least I can start the year with a CORRECT budget.