Friday, January 11, 2008

Mindless Fun on the Internet

Sometimes I just need to vegetate. Time for myself. Non productive wasted time. When I'm done with email, blog updates, message boards & blogs , take a survey, window shop for things I can't buy -- I need just dumb fun thing. My favorite thing? Play BUNCO on Netwinner.

What's so cool about BUNCO?

It's like playing BINGO without having to keep up with the bingo caller that moonlights as one of those auctioneer guys! And you don't even need a dauber because it automatically fills itself in! It's like BINGO for dingbats and because of that ... I'm addicted!

Netwinner also has a Prize Wheel which is like picking out Powerball numbers and you have to match the numbers. I'm lazy. I do the QUICK PICK and let the balls fall where they are.

Soon, I'll have enough points for a $25 gift card. I'll probably bank it until Christmas shopping time rolls around again.

Oh, the best part - besides the fact that I can be half awake and playing? It's FREE. There's some ads on the side that you can click or not -- which is how they get their money to give away, I'd guess.

My other insane fascination is ROCKSTAR GAME. Again, free. You make a band, practice, tour the country, write songs, release singles and albums. Of course, in the most generic fashion - but it's been keeping me occupied. My album was ranked number 2 in the WORLD (for a day... but STILL) You get 7 points every 3 hours and you use those points to either tour, practice or save up to write songs and release albums and singles.

Hint while playing ROCKSTAR GAME: Ingore the ads. They'll frusterate you!

My band's name is: Metal Angel
(the same as the dream band I used to write about during high school in the 80's)

What are your guilty pleasures on the internet?