Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Financial Update

The countdown is underway:
February 16th, the CD matures and gets transfered into my checking account. This will pay off the dh's car and one of the Credit Cards. I've been talking up this occasion for awhile now, but it's getting so close I can TASTE IT!

Don't you just love those extra paycheck months? February's 5/3 will pay for the smallest of our credit card debts. Again, itching at the bit! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!!

We're how short?
In the last 6 months since we started The Total Money Makeover, I decided along with saving the $1000. for BS1 that I would save up enough income so that we can go a month ahead. Paying for next month's expenses with this month's income. It's helped with budgeting because you always knew how much you had to work with? OR DID WE? I found a problem with the theory. You have to REALLY pay attention to the deposits and when they were deposited. I'm not sure when the error was made - and going a month ahead we might not have noticed it. (until some mondo payment was ready to be made and there wasn't enough funds in the account) Well, thankfully - dh came home with a bonus check, so it helped pay for that short fall.

A new car?
Well, maybe not NEW per say, but new to me. Dh was in conversation with the guys at work about my son's needing to buy a car. One guy had a decent car (and knowing this guy it was well maintained) with decent miles for a real DECENT price!! I got to thinking .... Maybe *I* should buy this car and give ds MY as his first car and he can keep saving for another car.
It's not a done deal... but the idea is promising.

The Vet
Welp, we had our $104.00 check up last week and both cats seem to be doing okay. My glaucoma patient's eye pressure counts have gone down so incredibly. It's been a blessing. You have no idea how close I was to putting this cat down because I didn't want to see her suffer. She's great, but will be on those costly eye drops for the rest of her life. Our other gal was doing pretty good too - but should remain on her thyroid meds too. I found out if I buy them more than a month at a time - they're cheaper. Whhoooo Hooo. So I'm getting 2 months of those.

School Expenses
Dropped the ball on this one. (you'll see the pun coming) I forgot with the change of semester that my ds starts Team Sports (PhyEd) and needs new gym shoes and gym shorts. Remember Danny Zucco in Grease when he showed up in his leather T-Birds jacket? Well picture that in 2008 gear and you've got a picture to behold. LOL

Supplemental Income
Slow month for surveys and stuff. I've taken some, but nothing spectacular as I've been seeing. Still waiting on my first Pinecone Research survey to arrive - and hoping that this isn't the frequency I should expect.

Talent for Talent
I'm helping a friend get her housecleaning service going by working on marketing stuff for her. She's not very computer savvy so I designed business cards and worked on her Myspace (free website for now) and in return .... you guessed it! I get a clean house!! Ahh, let me rephrase that. I get a dust free house!! The house is clean -- it's those darn dust bunnies that I don't keep with. This house (even after getting the ducts cleaned) is a far more dusty house than our last house. Not sure why.


Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog & when you mentioned that your house was dustier than the last one I wondered when was the last time you changed the furnace Filters? I know if we don't change them every 2-3 mos the place just collects dust & we live in Chicago.
Great blog.

Wendy said...

Silly thing is we are better about changing the filter here. In fact, we bought one of those Micro Powerguard Filtering Systems which is supposed to be even better for dust, pollen, allergens etc... same thing. DUSTY!

Goofy, huh?
I don't get it.
Either that or I just notice it more....

The joke used to be I dusted the house 3 times a year at the last house: Once when rotating knick knacks for the Christmas season's deocrations. Once when rotating back...and once random during the year! ROFL!!

Here, I might do it once a month - but it seriously needs it at least once a week.

I'm horrible. I know.