Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our Weekly Menu (revised copy)

UPDATE: I love Meijer's 10 for $10 sales, but I sure wish they'd stock themselves appropriately. Ad comes out on Sunday - and things are out of stock on Monday. Really??
What I did get on the $10/10 for my Weekly Menu was the cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese (both generic versions, but taste the same!) and portebella mushrooms!

On the Cellphone: While shopping - about 15 miles from home I get a phone call. It's my husband who is basically freaking out because there is a TORNADO by our house! Well, that's what he heard. He was at work about 15 miles from home in the opposite direction. We were quite lucky. A tornado did touch down, but skipped over our area and went east.

A couple of the recipes are linked below. I'll have to go type up the last one.... and figure out what I am going to make for dinner TONIGHT!


When making my grocery list, I first scan the sales flyers of my favorite stores.
The best deals are found accidentally by going to that little Italian grocery store
that I told you about last month. I then scan my coupons for deals that match the sales. THEN I hit my cookbooks for ideas of what to make with what's on sale (and hit the coupons again if the case may be) A lot of work? Yep. But it's worth it to get a week's worth of menus on the cheap! We have hearty appetites in this house -- well the ds eats like a bird but the dh and I like to eat so we don't do well on itty bitty recipes.

I stumbled across a place online today that has weekly menu ideas with a shopping list! I just signed up for their newsletter and added a widget off to the right side ----> for you guys to have access to it as well. It's called Menus4Moms

Note: Here's a start to my weekly list.
I'll have to finish it up and post recipes tommorow after I see what Angelos has on sale.

Monday: Italian Sausage/Portebella Mushroom Stirfry w/ pasta
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: Cinnamon French Toast Bake
Thursday: Cheesy Enchiladas / Fajitas
Friday: Mac N Cheese Taco Bake
Saturday: Homemade Pizza - for the Green Bay Game
Sunday: Boys on their own

Extras: Homemade Bread (in the bread machine) and a couple of desserts.


Canadian Saver said...

Hey, great job with the menu planning! That's on my list of things to do today, I was searching the internet for menu planning sites... I found a bunch but they are all subscription only... Am amazed that the menu 4 moms place is free! I'm not a mom, but I can certainly get ideas there.

Thanks for the link!

Kris said...

Woo hoo - GO PACK! I am so excited that they are playing Seattle... Maybe the evil Cowboys will lose their game, and of course we'll win (we're playing at Lambeau, how could we not?)...that would ROCK my WORLD! rotfl

Whew. Okay. Just needed to get that out. I'll be okay...

I do soooo much better, too, when I have menus planned. My dh will not eat casseroles more than once a week. Won't touch 'em. Nose wrinkles up, makes an "ew" face, goes and gets bologna. Yeah. Meat here, potatoes here, grunt grunt he's happy. ;) Unfortunately, makes it MUCHO more expensive...ugh.

Wendy said...

Canadian Saver:

You're welcome for the site. I hope it turns out to be a good find. The one I had seen before was e-mealz or something like that, but it cost $12 a month. Crazy! This one does have something you can pay for -- but I haven't figured it al out yet.
Premature posting, I guess.

So what did you think of that one vote for MVP going to Mr. Farve?? I thought it was funny. My hubby and your hubby seem to have matching stomachs. Nobody in my family is very good with casseroles. ESPECIALLY if it has corn mixed in it. BLECH! The only one that I can get away with with no problems is different variations of breakfast casseroles. DH will eat those without complaint.

Jennifer said...

Hi Wendy! I like your blog. I've added a link on mine. :)

Looking forward to tracking your progress!

Wendy said...

Hi Jennifer!