Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Almighty Change Jar

Who would have thought that you could seriously rack up that kind of money by putting coins in a jar (or in my case - a metal pail) ??

Right now, the change jar has $187.00 since July. I'm about to roll another $5. and should be able to tackle the whole cost by just cashing in my coins! How wild is that?

I thought that since we've been working really hard at our Total Money Makeover that we would empty the change jar and take a mini get-away. A re juice. A "cookie" for a job well done. I had no problem convincing dh and ds to go hit the water park for a couple of days with it. I really could use a break.

Refi Update:
Looks as if we may have solved our refi problem. Not with a huge savings - but MORE security. We're going to refi our HELOC and LOCK it in at the same rate we have now. At least I know that it's not in a variable that's going to go through the roof at some point. It's a LOAN. It's FIXED. NO Closing Costs, NO Appraisal Fees. Same payments as I'm currently making. I think I'm more than okay with that. You may see a huge chunk of pie coming off my little chart to the right. I'm okay with that! If this goes through - the goal date changes to September of 2009. That's because the HELOC is actually a portion of our original mortgage and the only reason I added it to BS2 was because of the variable. Now, I can skip that until BS6. I'm okay with that too!


Wendy said...

Update: Cashed in the change jar on February first for a grand total of $198.58 !!