Monday, May 12, 2008

Where did my money go?

Government Money -- What did I do with it?

The decision has been made --

$1398.00 to Bank of America
$102 paid for 15 pounds of coffee (Zimbabwe Coffee from Z'Cuppa) and 100 vac seal bags from Sweet Pak Attack for coffee and all other bulk freezer purchases. Figured if they were going to raise prices on coffee, I'd better stock up! 15 pounds will last us over 6 months. Vac bags were something I needed and if I'm going to be freezing goodies - and coffee.


Kris said...

You've been a busy girl, Wendy!

I'm very proud of you for not running out to buy the brand new car, even if you DID fall in love with it. :) And you sent a chunk o' money to the cc...that felt good, right?

Right? lol

Now, I follow DR just like you do, but the #1 thing I love the MOST about his plan is that he realizes that we are all human, and we can/will change the plan to meet our needs. I, personally, don't mind buying a brand new car, but we (dh and I) also agree that when we buy a car, we will hang on to it until death do we part (well, it's death, I mean).

We kept the Cav for 11 years, almost 200k on it, and then it died. We bought almost-new (2 years old, 27k on it), and don't regret it, except for the fact that it added to the debt load that we're already crunched on.

So - long story short (too late!) - pay down your cc and go buy the durn thing if you want it that much. :) Just put as much down as you can, and pay it off FAST! lol

And great deal on the cereal haul, girl! Great find! I'm just tickled over the Walgreens haul from last week, which is trickling into this and next week with the RR I got. Nice!

Kelly said...

Good for you for paying towards your CC. It's so tempting to buy more exciting things with the money but I think we'll be proud of ourselves for being responsible!

Canadian Saver said...

Ahhh spending your rebate on coffee... my kind of spending :-)