Sunday, May 11, 2008

Never Hurts to Ask -- the story of the dead dryer

Dryer on the Fritz
We ignored the warning signs. Our digital paneled dryer gave us the "error code E-2" a couple weekends ago -- but we got it to work and cancelled our Sears service call. "Yippee!" We said as we got another week out of it before it happened again. This time, even after taking the dryer apart to clean all the lint from the internal world of the dyer, it was pooped. Done! Nice timing...NOT! You know the service call guys. "Anywhere from noon to 5:00 pm." Yeah, that's reasonable! I decided to try a local guy instead. I thought he could get here faster and fix it cheaper. Welp, neither happened. It took him a couple days to return my calls and he came and looked at it and decided he couldn't fix it.

Of course, Wendy is on the internet and had a pretty good idea what was wrong - but no clue on how to fix it because I don't know a damn thing about electronics to test ohms and stuff. Obviously the local guy didn't either. LOL

Welp, it winds up that one of the neighbors works for Sears or so says the truck parked outside in his driveway. My dh, God love him, walked over there and asked the guy if he wanted to earn a little extra side money and help us figure out the dryer problem. The internet was right, our neighbor was right - the thermister blew. I had to order the part $30 and gave the neighbor $50 for his troubles and our dryer is up and running again.

Found out what Sears may have paid to fix the same thing. Winds up we saved quite a bit of moola right there. I guess it never hurts to ask for help. Nice to know we have someone close by who can help with our Kenmore appliances too!