Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Grocery Savings....

Wow... another fabulous weekend at Walgreens (Friday) and Meijer (Saturday)!

15 boxes of Pierogies = 40.80 after sale and coupons $5.40
a bunch of freebies from Walgreens after sales and coupons
a bunch of almost freebies at Walgreens & Meijer.

There was a mad gathering around the meat section at Meijer today as they had a ton of 40% off stickers on just about anything -- plus .99 per pound on Ground Sirloin. It was gone instantly. One lady - I was impressed had about 20 packages in her cart!

I saved $86 at Walgreens - OOP $11.00 (rounded to the nearest dollar) and $120 at Meijer - OOP $92.00. I went over for the week a touch, but I won't need meat next week so next week I won't need so much grocery money.

We went to Home Depot today to buy a HUGE shelving unit. I needed more space for my stock-ups! Now I have a mission: Fill a 48"H x 24 D 5 shelf storage unit! That can go with my already stocked pantry, linen closet, basement, and closet!!

I can't believe the good fortune I've had shopping lately.


Kris said...

Woo hoo! Terrific job, Wendy!

Doesn't it feel great to find those deals? It's a real high. Crazy. ;)

Kris said...

ryn: yep, the check was a BIG high. I'm just coming down off of it. lol

Got some great deals today, too, so that's an extra boost. And some good coupons in the paper. And lovely weather. And plants to plant. What more could I want?


Oh yeah. To be debt free. ;)