Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Car Idea Revisted

Okay, I'm crazy. Plain loco en la cabeza. We went looking at cars. Worse than cars...worse than that... I FELL IN LOVE WITH A NEW CAR!

Here's the dream car -- 2008 Mazda 3 in Ice Blue Metallic.

Did I buy it right then and there?
Did I want to?
No, not really.
Because I really want to pay off AT LEAST the one credit card with the 9.9 APR before I did anything of the sort. Figuring too, that they might drop the price a touch because by the time I'm ready the new 2009 will be out.

DH has been bugging to get me a car and to let my ds buy my Chevy Lumina from me. Of course, the ds has been bugging me to get a new car so he can take my Lumina off me DIRT CHEAP! I've loved my Lumina for the past 11 years. I've never really wanted a new car -- until I test drove that Mazda!

So many of the Dave Ramsey lessons are beating me upside the head right now -

  1. Rich people don't buy NEW cars.
  2. Do you NEED a car?
  3. Loan on a depreciating item is just DUMB!

My game plan --- to kill that Bank of America card as fast as possible so I can get that damn car!

I know, I know!


Kelly said...

I know its tempting but REALLY think about you want a $300+ car payment?? Believe me I feel you. My 1999 Malibu is very close to 200,000 miles and even though I WANT a new car, I know I don't NEED a new car.

How about you start putting away the amount of a car payment each month for a couple months and see if its comfortable for your budget. Do things seem really tight when you take that money away? Do you want to commit to spending that much each month?

I'm hoping my car lasts until the end of the year and then I'm probably going to get someting a bit used (but close to new) just so I don't lose too much money on the deal.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Don't feel bad, the wife said I could get my Lexus IS250 if I pay off all the credit cards!!!! remember we only live once... so why not???