Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day -- A Day of Remembering

A Day of Remembering.....

My dad -- has been gone since 1994. He was only 55 years old and was just starting to take advantage of the "life" he worked so hard for. He always said the restaurant was going to kill him. He was right. Well, that and cigarettes, fatty food and no exercise, I suppose.
My dad and I didn't have the most spectacular of relationships. I spent most of my life fearing him and seeking his approval. It was near the end of his life that we were breaking that wall and getting to understand each other. I have that to hold onto.

My grandparents -- My mother's parents were the most incredible people I have ever met. I can't even get into what a blessing they both were to my life. They were very generous with their time and love. My grandma had a frugal nature that I used to poke fun of, but now live myself. They were both hard working and lived a wholesome life. My dad's dad passed away long before I was ever born. In fact he died while my father was a young boy. I wish with my whole heart that he lived a lot longer, because I feel my dad would have been a whole different person if he had - and in doing so - we would have had a much better relationship from the get go. My dad's mother - I have resentment towards her. She tried - but ultimately I think her well being came before those of her kids and I don't agree with that.

A lost love, Bob -- You never forget your first love. Not that I have a whole whirlwind romance story to tell you about Bob, because I don't. I have just always felt that by something bigger than he and I, that we were destined to have our paths crossed. Even though our lives took turns away from each other, for some reason Memorial Day was a day we would reconnect. I have no idea why. Bob passed away at the age of 24 (in 1992) - and it broke my heart.....into a million little pieces. And because history dictates that I should - I visit his grave every Memorial Day Weekend. To the old times!

Baby Boy -- Anytime a child dies - it breaks your heart. In our neighborhood, a young 2 year old angel of light was killed accidentally by his next door neighbor. My note to everybody: Teach your children to ALWAYS watch for cars -- and ALWAYS make sure your driveway is clear of children when you are backing out (even if you don't have any). SUVs are so high up, she never even saw him.... Any loss of a child would be a shame, but this child was a bright light. His smile was constant and his heart huge! I often said I couldn't wait to see the man he grew to be. Sad.