Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol -- Looking to the Finale

So who is suprised? ANYBODY?
I would imagine Syesha isn't even surprised by the outcome of tonight's announcement of who was in the finale.

The show of David vs David. We've known it for weeks now it was just a matter of going through the motions to get here. I haven't voted up until this point - but I will next week.

My random thoughts:

Randy Jackson has been an idiot this season. Paula is as Paula ever was, but Randy takes the cake for stupid contradictory comments this year. From his comments to Michael Johns about American Idol not being about dreams that it was about finding the best singer although every week someone is mentioning the word DREAMS!! Take THAT, Mr Jackson! Also, with DA singing an R&B hit and having Randy say -- "It's not who you are." Really? How do we know who DA is besides the show puppet of this father and American Idol? And ending with Randy's comments to DC after his performances this week too. Does he even have a clue? Is he worth really having an opinion on this show? Does he even make an impact? At least Paula is entertaining!

Who needs this more?
David Archuletta needs this more than David Cook does. I can see DA being the "Okay kid, stand here... move there... tilt your head this way....that way....." and ultimately, "Go Home kid, your 15 minutes of fame are up." What looked like the second coming of the Beatles in his homecoming video will be replaced by the next new thing because you know what ..... little girls, tweens and young teens change their flavor of the week VERY QUICKLY. God forbid DA turns into an awkward looking adult and not the cute smiley boy -- he's done. Finished. Kaput! We'll see him on WHERE IS HE NOW. David Cook on the other hand, I can see doing a Chris Daughtry. I see him lasting longer than a mere 15 minutes. How much lasting power does he have? I'm not sure because the music industry is (quoting Ben on Lost last week) "a fickle b*tch". That being said, I think his talent and uniqueness will serve him well.

What I'm looking forward to -- THIS SEASON BEING OVER. I really HATE the filler this show has...and even more than that I truly hate the group performances!

I do have to hand it to them, the Ford Focus commercials have been pretty fun this year!


JW said...

I haven't had an opportunity to see this program but, I've heard that there was once a contestant that sang like Frank Sinatra.

Do they ever sing the standards?

Wendy said...

They've had a couple through the years who sounded like Frank Sinatra. The one who went the furthest was John Stevens. He was a young red head who was ALL crooner.

Most recently they have had a kid who lives pretty close to me (or at least where I grew up) his name is David Radford

Kris said...

I haven't seriously watched AI in...3 years? Whatever year it was when Carrie Underwood stole it from Bo Bice. ;) LOVED me some Bo Bice. I watched it a little bit the next year, with the gray-haired guy. I liked that he had some personality, at least. Then I stopped when Chris Daughtry was kicked off...totally rigged, man. They hate rockers. I'm impressed that this year, this rocker has gotten so far.

Anyway - congrats on living through the car fever. It's hard when it hits. ;) You survived! lol

Walgreens was only good because of the P&G deal and the P&G coupons that had just come out. I never would have figured all that out without HCW - those people are amazing. :)