Friday, February 01, 2008

Sky is a little brighter today

Despite the 6 inches of snow that got dumped onto us overnight, today is going to be a great day!

As promised, February would be the month of payoffs.

Today, I have written the check that will pay off our 5 year loan with Chase - in only 2 years 7 months! The second auto transfer to Chase knocks out our $7,600 credit card!

The story of our multiple credit card problem is a simple one. When the card you are using gets too close to the limit -- you surf it over to a card with a low APR and a lot of space to hold the loan. Then what? You charge more -- surf it to another card, charge more - surf it to ANOTHER card. NO MORE! We started our Total Money Makeover "OFFICIALLY" in July and we haven't charged since!

So far we've paid off:

  1. My son's emergency root canal and crown
  2. Discover Card
  3. Chase Card (which was a surfed Citibank)
  4. Chase Car Loan
  5. Chase Card (a potent storage card with a teaser APR about to expire)

We are going through with the refinance on the HELOC so as soon as that closes the sky will be even more bright! Then we wage war against the two debts left. B of A (which will be painful because of the APR) and my Citibank with silly incredibly low APR.

Hope everyone has a bright day!


Canadian Saver said...

Wow, you're doing really great!!

Wendy said...

It's motivating that's for sure!!

However, I still have to start ebaying some stuff around here and see what I can do with that.