Monday, February 25, 2008

Flu Bug Times Two

Welp, whadda ya know.
Murphy - the (Irish?) Flu Bug has come to visit the family.
Both DS and DH are home with Influenza A.
There were able to prescribe Tamiflu for the ds because he's only had it a couple of days. The dh just has to suffer through it.

I did find a lesson in this though. My budget has a "Medical" line on it - I fund it with an office visit, a non-generic prescrip, $25 for dental and $50 for the vet.
I pay it whether I need it or not. Came in handy today with a $40 co-pay for the Urgent Care and $55.00 worth of prescriptions. I pulled out my medical envelope and shelled it out without concern.

What a nice feeling.....that is until I start getting the symptoms.


Anonymous said...

FYI - You can get Tamiflu if you've been exposed to avoid developing symptoms.

Wendy said...

really? They were going to give me a hard time over the phone to give the med to my son who is HAVING SYMPTOMS without his being seen. I hardly thought to try for myself.

Hmm.... Thanks for the info - I might call back and get myself some.

I don't think the Zombie look going around my house will suit me very well. LOL

Wendy said...

Thanks ?? for the advice.
I got my precript for Tamiflu too....and I think in good time!


HS said...

$55 worth of prescriptions? did you look in to Wal Mart or Kroger's $4 dollar generics?

Hope you feel better soon.

Wendy said...

Actually I need to add another $25.00 for my Tamiflu.

With my paying $25.00 Tamiflu it says that my insurance saved me $93.00 (EACH!!) Yikees! Thank God for prescription cards!!

I should check more on the $4.00 list though. I don't think anything I had was on there. I know for sure the Tamiflu wouldn't have been. And one of the $25. was for an inhaler and I don't believe that was on the list either.