Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey, Guess what. It's snowing.....AGAIN!

Oh boy is it ever snowing. Everything is closed -- they are closing highways because the plows can't keep up. No worries. I'm home, hubby's home, the boy is home....we are all snug in the house....and BORED! Well ds not so much...he's got XBOX LIVE. So he's entertained.

So far since the snow started yesterday I've:
Baked Brownies, Beer Bread & Zucchini Bread
Made Spinach Crab Dip, dinner last night, prepped dinner for tonight and set up the crock pot for tommorow night.
OH! And homemade hot cocoa for when the boys came in from shoveling earlier.

I've had it with the kitchen today.

I did had on the tv and started watching Oprah. I don't usually watch daytime tv at all... I save myself for night time sitcoms, Lost and begrudgingly American Idol. Today on Oprah, they were talking about the book: The Secret. I know it got a lot of hubb-bubb last year. I never really catch on to things brand new I guess because although I had heard about it -- I never intended to read it.

Has anyone read The Secret? What did you think about it? Of course, because it was on Oprah today the auctions on ebay closing anytime soon have got bids up the ying yang. Tell me that lady doesn't have power over people! YIKERS!


Kris said...

I got "The Secret" from the library, and we got the DVD from there, too. It's really marketing magic - there are other people who have been saying the same things for years, it's just that this is all mysterious and Oprah discovered it. :)

The basic idea is the power of positive thinking and the Law of Karma. "The Secret" calls it the Law of Attraction. I'm just kooky enough to know that it works. It's not easy, though.

You can find similar information from Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. ;)

It all depends on who you listen to as to whether it "really" works - most conservative Christians will say it's blasphemy, most new agers love it.

On another note...we got a ton of snow, too (near Janesville). 18" from the new snowfall all day yesterday. I'm so ready for the snow to go away. We're 2.5" away from setting an alltime new record for snowfall in one season. How exciting. Really. :P

Have a nice day - I actually have a SECOND snow day - unheard of!

Canadian Saver said...

A guy at the Costco checkout in our town commented the other day that the whole city must own a copy of that book. And that was before this aired!!

Hope you are out of the snow by now... they are calling for up to 40 inches here this weekend, hope the forecasters are wrong!!

Wendy said...

40 inches? Where do you put FORTY INCHES? Oh wow... I can't even picture what forty inches even looks like on the ground! LOL I hope you don't get it either!!

Kris - You got a heartbeat more snow than we did. I think they've figured our area to have gotten 13 inches. It's still interesting on some of my roads to work. I don't know how good Janesville is at clearing the side roads.