Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol - Top 12 Men - Updated

What does this have to do with debt reduction? Chalk it up as cheap entertainment, I guess!

I said that I was NOT going to watch another season of American Idol. I said it when Constantine got voted out years ago. I said it again when Chris Daughtry got voted out. I said it again after a lack luster Season 6. But here I am -- watching again. Upset that Josiah didn't make it to the top 24 because I just loved that kid, but moving onward.

Our Top 12 Men sang last night. Some I got - some I didn't. Some blew me away - and some....well they just blew!

Talk about confusion - has anybody realized that there are 3 Davids & 2 Jasons this year!?

Here's my thoughts on the performances last night.

My Personal Faves of the Night:
Michael Johns, “Light My Fire” -- love him since Day 1. I did say this though. Chris Daughtry was hands down - the walk away winner of Season 5 - however he got voted off. Although this guy seems to be the Season's fave male doesn't mean ANYTHING in the world of American Idol.
Danny Noriega, “Jailhouse Rock” -- this is where I hate Simon. He tried shooting this kid apart and discrediting him. This kid has a bunch of personality, and unlike Sanjaya from last year - he's got vocals to back him up. I totally disagreed with Simon because I wasn't expecting this performance from Danny and I was blown away!
David Cook, “Happy Together” -- as always - seems overly confident but good vocals. Is it me or does he look like he's in pain when he's singing?
David Archuleta, “Shop Around” -- could this kid be any more HAPPY! I was giggly for him!
Jason Castro, “Daydream” -- Trippin' Dude! Another one with good vocals that I really knew nothing about going into tonight. But I can totally see him sitting in the back of a VW van at a Grateful Dead concert banging on a hand drum (family friendly blog -- but you know where I was going)

Those I liked -- "okay"
Garrett Haley, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do -- who's this guy except someone I would have had a crush on if it was still the 80's? Good vocals though I agreed with Paula, I was expecting him to start it off slow and then belt it. Sorry -- you got the hair -- I'm expecting a Rebel Yell!
Robbie Carrico, “One” -- Wasn't sure what to think about this guy - reminds me of a mix of Bucky/Bo -- but this song was nice!
Colton Berry, “Suspicious Minds” -- Okay, so I was pretty ticked off at this kid for taking Josiah's spot in the top 24. I put my feelings aside to see that he does sing better than Josiah, but he certainly isn't as cute!

Those I could have done without:
Chikezie, “Yesterday” - lounge singer but I loved the orange suit! REALLY!
David Hernandez, “In the Midnight Hour” I'm probably the only one who just doesn't get this kid. Here or not -- don't really care.
Luke Menard, “Everybody’s Talkin" -- This guy was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Although I think Simon having to get the last word in when Luke's last statement tried to save face was a little uncalled for. Poor kid didn't stand a chance.
Jason Yeager, “Moon River” -- Maybe his kid being there might have saved him, but as soon as I knew it was Moon River that he was done.

My Vote for the Plane Ticket Home:
Luke Menard, “Everybody’s Talkin’”
Jason Yeager, “Moon River”

Voted Off:
Garrett Haley, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Lack of airtime? Was he that bad?
Colton Berry, “Suspicious Minds” - either people didn't like HIM or they really resented him taking Josiah's spot!

Wendy's Score 0/2