Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Update

Christmas Decorating
Welp, the house is coming along. Just a few more boxes to drag up from the basement and get set out.

Meal Planning
So, it's not very Ramsey-ish, but we are having an elaborate spread for Christmas. We did last year too - but because the family and I were SO INCREDIBLY SICK last Christmas, I can't hardly recall the holiday - or the flavors of dinner. We're putting it in rewind and trying it again this year.

Also cookies. I have to thumb through my recipes and find a few (because I'm only making a few) cookie recipes.

Grocery store didn't have a lot of great deals this week. I like being able to plan my weekly meals around what's on sale. Saying that -- I have to be pretty inventive this week!

Tastefully Simple
I'm having a Tastefully Simple Party tomorrow. Why? I was hoping to get enough free goodies to use for the Holidays and New Years. I'm not much of house party type person - so it should be interesting. The stuff sells itself, so I'm not worried about that. I am usually worried of how many people will show up! LOL

Change of Schedule
A lot of whispering at work behind the closed doors of the bosses this week. It looks as if we are all getting schedule changes for winter. Mine, basically the same as it's always been - I'm probably the only one who didn't LOSE hours in this new schedule shifting. Thank goodness. Plus, I was given more productive time. Another bonus. I guess it all washes in the end.

Mentor to walk with me
One of my favorite websites - came up with a great idea of a MENTOR/MENTOREE program. I've been involved in my Total Money Makeover since July, and have a good grip on the logistics of the program. This is the first time though, that I feel like I have a comrade in the fight! We are similar in age and have an incredible amount in common which just makes the whole thing more comfortable. She's out of BS2*, and thankfully has decided to help ME get through it as well.

(*BS2= Baby Step 2 - Pay off your Debts)


Go Green said...

What is tastefully simple?

Wendy said...

Easy to prepare food stuff.
Dips, breads, desserts, sauces etc. I love their Feta Cheese and Sundried Tomato Cheese Ball! Take the pack and mix it with cream cheese... chill and YUMMM!!

I don't buy them often, but I love the quick to fix dip mixes.

Our Debt Blog said...

YUM! Can I come over??

Wendy, I know you from somewhere! your picture looks soo familiar! are you in any way related to Houston???

Wendy said...

Houston? Nope. I hear I have many twins walking around though. Everybody thinks I look like somebody -- but thankfully the "OMG! YOU LOOK LIKE ROSIE!!" fad has ended. LOL

Umm... seriously though -- this same picture was on Consumer Queen as my avatar there maybe?