Friday, December 14, 2007

Murphy must HATE cats! - plus end of week blurb.

Ahhh boy am I thankful tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in! This morning we were awakened at 2am, by our youngest cat (age 10) moaning and rolling, growling and pacing. I'd never seen her do anything like that before. Her nose and face were burning up and she just kept dropping on her side and rolling while making this horrible moaning sound. Needless to say, by 2:45 I was in the parking lot of the vet waiting for the doctor to show up.

Did you know that cats can have asthma? I knew she had a skin irritation by her neck - assumed dry skin that she's been scratching. I guess, it's common for cats with allergies. (I wonder if she's allergic to cats?) But they said that the irritation was actually hives due to allergies which lead to an acute asthma attack. She was hot because her blood pressure went up because of the discomfort she was in.

I never heard of such a thing. They gave her a cortisone shot which is supposed to help the hives as well as the asthma. A cat with asthma. Honestly - I've now heard everything.

Welp, I had to hit my emergency fund on this one. $140 for an emergency office visit and a sleepless night. She seems to be more comfortable, however, DEFINITELY not herself.

Remember the Puss in Boots from Shrek? Stormy's eyes looks just like that sad face Puss makes in the video. It's heartbreaking.

So that's all three cats:

Chelsie (20) Blind in one eye - suffers from Primal Glaucoma
Cahoots (19) Lost a lot of weight - suffers from hyper thyroidism
Storm (10) Gets Hives -- suffers from allergies and asthma


I noticed that I need to come up with a new survey question for the week.

I can't post a Weekly Menu because we've just been diving into the freezer and pantry reserves because I now finally went to the grocery store for the week. (Shopping days are Monday or Tuesday typically) I'll have to catch up with you next week on that.

The boys are going out - so I have the day (and night) to bake and wrap presents and hit a few cookbooks to plan our Christmas dinner. Yep, I'm THAT behind!

Anyway, I'm going to bed. If you hear my snoring - ask me to roll over!


Kris said...

I never, ever would have though that cats could have allergies. My worst allergy is TO cats ( the little critters, too...)...can cats be allergic to themselves? lol

And jeez, girl - you don't have "It's a Wonderful Life" on the sidebar! Only THE best Christmas movie ever made! I've seen it dozens of times, and I still cry. How sappy of me... ;)

Wendy said...

Oh My, I did have it on the original listing too, but the survey bugged out and I had to start over! I'll see if it will let me add it.