Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Planning 08 Goals - Implimenting Ideas

It's been a week of bonuses for me! First I was accepted to Pinecone Research and today I have been accepted by PayPerPost! I'm very excited to start this new opportunity!

What am I hoping for from PayPerPost?

As you know, I have been looking for ways to suppliment my income to help pay our debt down. I do work outside of the house roughly 33 hours a week, and although the possibility exsists of getting a second job - the family requires me to be home. Long story short - I'd like to find a way to keep some money coming in from online sources. That's the goal.

Why PayPerPost?

I saw a link to PayPerPost on another blog that I read quite often. The site owner was profiting from PayPerPost - so I decided to join. I enjoy writing and as my friends know I have opinions about everything. Some opinions go against the grain, but I think that is what makes the opinions even more worth while reading!

What am I planning on doing with my earnings?

You'll see a list of my debts off to the right. See the one on top that's not paid for? Bingo! That's the one! Honestly, my budget is in place and that's maintaining my living expenses okay for now so that my extra money that I make can go directly to my debts.

So what about after your debts are paid?

Oh, so I finally get to yell -- "I'M DEBT FREE!!!" then what? I'm figuring that even when that happens I'll be having so much fun maintaining my blog, chatting with my blog friends, and writing for PayPerPost - I'll probably keep it up long after I make that call to Dave Ramsey! You will then see a VACATION COUNTER to the right instead of a debt counter and I will "Post" my way to Walt Disney World -- or maybe a beach someplace beautiful!

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Kris said...

Never heard of these guys...but it's cool to find things online that can help give a few bucks, hey?

I'm working on 2008 goals, too. Dh and I need to sit down this weekend to plow through some to see where we want to be.

Glad your rib roast turned out good. ;)

Wendy said...

Yes, good to find things - especially when things are slow on the job - and these freak little winter storms we seem to be having EVERY WEEK! LOL!