Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Elbow Grease Saves Money

Despite recommendations from the area Carpet Cleaner, I rolled out my carpet cleaner that has sit new in the box for the past 4 years and cleaned the whole house! Cost out of pocket? $2.96 for new belts!

I picked up the Bissell as we were building our new home. It was after the purchase, and after the decision to use light colored berber that our local carpet cleaner told us that "Berber carpet should ONLY be cleaned by professionals." When asked "Why?" he responded, "1. You will get huge yellow stains that cannot be removed. 2. Think of it as shampooing your hair and after rinsing you still don't get all the shampoo out. 3.Don't clean Berber more than you need to. It's actually bad for the Berber." Long story short - I beleived him and have paid hundreds of dollars over the last few years having HIM come clean it and left the Bissell in the box in the basement.

I figured I had been sharked by so many people claiming to have my best interest at heart lately, I decided to break the puppy out and see what the worst was going to happen. After all, the carpet was filthy - and I didn't have funds to pay him! Well, the worst thing that happened was the pump belt broke right after I got started - but good old Walmart had replacements for those. All the cleaners I had already.

I saved over $100.00 and have clean carpets for the holidays! Now I can set up the tree!


Kris said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on using what you have. :)

I've never called someone in to shampoo our carpets...our Bissell works great and has always cleaned them very well.

I hate how salespeople prey on your fears (of things not lasting long enough, etc) to make more money for themselves...

Wendy said...

No kidding!! Having a brand new house, the last thing I planned on doing was replacing the carpet because I stained it.

There is one spot that I need to hit again, but everything dried fine and there was no problems!

I'm thrilled because the walkway between the back door and the front door gets filthy SO fast.

Note to house - no white berber! LOL

Actually if I ever get any extra house money waaaaaayyyy down the road, I'll probably put tile on that walkway between the front and back door - it's a straight shot. I know, a fung shui to have that type of layout, but whatcha gonna do.