Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Week for Surveys - plus other favorites!

You know, some weeks are just dead. Or I receive surveys that I don't qualify for. I guess it doesn't help that I am a spoiled brat because I rarely fill out any that don't offer CASH rewards anymore. I've got so many entries into the BIG prize, but I just don't win.

Here's a few of the survey sites I have been banking with lately. - I started out with them when I was an AOL member, I have since moved onto PAYPAL payments rather than AOL credits. You have to remember to check up with them because they don't send many invites to you. You can only do one survey every week (unless you don't qualify - then they give you a new "come back" date)
My rating: A- - I've earned $29.oo with them so far. They seem to be slim on their surveys, but when they have one - the payout is pretty good.
My rating: C+ - I've been with TestSpin for awhile. It was one of those places that you could cash out for certificates. I've noticed SO many more survey opportunities lately than I ever have. I cashed out $10 in October, and I'm about to do it again. I might hold off because they are switching to allow payment in PAYPAL! You do get a lot of surveys -- I notice that I can actually qualify for about half of them....however if you are in the IT field, you will BANK! I get a TON of those I don't qualify for.
My rating: B+ - This used to be an old favorite of mine! I had forgotten about it when I dumped AOL. I recently signed up for a $20 product testing (no problems here) and a $5.00 survey. I'm glad to have found this one again!! The only drawback is they offer a lot of sweepstakes surveys, but if I sift through a few of them - there are good amount of paying surveys.
My rating: A- - This one is new to me. I've already made $18.oo since September. You have to wait for check, but they arrive pretty quickly. The surveys were pretty easy. My son just did one for beverages and made $11.! I'm still new to this program to really give a great feel for it.
My rating: B+ - I joined this - and the only "surveys" you get - are ones you have to pay for a product and they will reimburse you. I never did a survey and didn't seem to be worth my time. If you like trial offers - then you may like this program. If not, I'd avoid it.
My rating: N/A

Send - This is a new to me program also. Seems similar to MyPoints (see below)but the downfall I noticed is that the payout is set to $30. But I recently signed up and have only done surveys and opened emails and I have a bit over $8.00 (granted some of that is by help of a referral) I'd like to see more surveys.
My Rating: C

My Favorite Online $ Makers: - At it's most boring - it's a pay per click program. You read their emails - they give you points. And they add up pretty quickly! I've been around with this company for moons! I've cashed out COUNTLESS times and have used earnings to help pay for gifts or just as a perk for me. You also get good points for shopping your favorite stores through them. NOTE: Keep your confirmation emails until you see your points credited. They will need a copy if you are going to dispute a purchase. Good choice of rewards to pick from and pretty quick to ship.
My Rating: A+ - This is a NO BRAINER for online holiday shopping! You shop as you normally would and you get paid a % back on your purchases! A very reliable program. I've made $143 with them so far! Most during the holiday season. NOTE: They offer a downloadable "reminder tool", but I never downloaded it. I just always remember to look at Ebates before I shop ANYWHERE online! Cash out in either "Big Fat Check" or PAYPAL.
My Rating: A+


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