Monday, June 09, 2008

New Week, More Overtime and an Update

I'm sorry if I'm a little foggy headed this morning
I worked until almost 2 am this morning and it's now 7am and I have to get ready to go back to work. I played good Samaritan yesterday and helped out a co-worker with restaurant inventory. (the weekly count EVERYTHING in the kitchen) So I officially put in overtime again last week. I'm really tired and it's going to be a long day.

To the basement ya'all ....
Friday and Sunday both I had to evacuate the whole restaurant (staff and guests) to the basement because of a tornado warning. We've had tornado warnings before - but this is the first time I've retreated to the basement. The control you have when the entire place is hanging on your every word. Amazing that I didn't choke on my words. I was never good at public speaking - or crowd control. LOL . We weathered the storm. Some broken trees - but we did okay.

New Phones... finally
I get to order new phones with a new phone plan TOMORROW! We've been waiting for over a month for our contract to end so we wouldn't have to pay the penalty to leave. The reception in my neck of the woods is ridiculous. I'm hoping the new plan and new phones will bring better luck. Cross your fingers for me.

Am I really getting that old?
I went to a concert this week. Bret Michaels (Rock of Love) & Great White played in Waukesha at The Taste of Summer. This should not be confused with the Mega event .... Summerfest which plays in Milwaukee. Without getting into a review of the show (which I enjoyed) let me just tell you about the people we saw. Granted, I'm closing in on forty years old myself, but am I THAT old? I saw some women there that just made me giggle. And some that really made me mad!

Top Ten of "You really shouldn't wear THAT!"

1. Mullets both male and female went out of style a long time ago. Cut it off!

2. Spandex shirts and pants are only good on those with a smaller frame and even then it's questionable.

3. Spiked heels don't work so well at an outdoor venue after a rain. AKA Stuck in Mud.

4. There is an age cut off to being the bleach blonde rock and roll groupie....and're there!

5. You can put on a cowboy hat ... but you still don't look like Bret Michaels.

6. This isn't a Justin Timerlake concert. The 4 XL Tshirts that looks like you painted in the car on the way to the show that says Bret Michaels "Rock's Your World" just doesn't cut it.

7. Aqua Net ... nuff said.

8. Signs. Much like the T-shirt that says "Bret, You rock my world" a sign won't win you any accolades, however it may make the person standing behind you pretty peeved.

9. That skirt is too short! I mean TOO SHORT!

10. (and my favorite) When going to a concert of an 80's originated band, you are not required to act the part, dress the part or have your ten year old daughter ALSO dressing the part! Big hair, black make up, short skirt, boots and colored hair extensions look ridiculous on you ..... and they look especially ridiculous on your little girl!

Another Good Shopping Week
I love knowing the sales almost a week in advance! It allows me time to gather coupons and make the most of it!

Freebies this week included 7 Chex Mix, 1 toothbrush, 2 envelopes of taco seasoning, 2 Chex Mix plus 4 things from the 10 for $10 and get the eleventh free. I did that 4 times.
If my Meijers doubled coupons I would have done outstanding, but as it stands I saved $120 and spent only $74.

Back to Menu Planning
Of course I've been cooking -- but I haven't been really planning my meals out like I was doing for awhile there. Look for me to be posting weekly menu's again soon. It really helped and saved time when I had a plan. Go figure! LOL