Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Where is the World Headed?
Man, the media sure knows how to spread panic- don't they.

  • The cost per barrel went up to the highest it's been.
  • Predicted gas price increases make you want to cry!
  • We've got states that want to defect from the US Consitution and form there own goverment.
  • The crashing dollar.
  • MexiMeriCanada?
  • Neuros?
  • Should we be buying gold?
  • Credit card companies rumored to call cardholders for their balances because they are heading into dire staits.

The stress is amazing!!!! What to do? Who to believe?

This is Halloween.... This is Halloween!
Ahh, Tim Burton. I just love that movie Nightmare Before Christmas. They re-released it in 3-D. It was much more pleasant than a haunted house this year. I've got enough around to scare the daylights out of me!

Chelsie cashes in on another of her 9 lives:
Someone stepped in and saved our precious cat again! We had her pressures checked in her eyes and they are dropping!!! Of course, wrestling with her isn't getting a whole lot easier -- but the drops are working!!!! The vet is working on getting us a cheaper eye drop because we'll be using them LONG TERM! He said, "Long Term"!!! Looks like we eluded the reaper!

November Budget:
No major changes from before -- except adding a monthly VET envelope and making an extra payment to Citibank 1. We get an extra paycheck this month - however the trick is we have to keep everyone HEALTHY enough to WORK the hours to make it an extra paycheck rather than making up for partial paychecks because someone was sick.

Christmas Shopping & Nick's Birthday
Ahhh, well at least there won't be any stress for shopping this Christmas. In fact, I'd say I'm about half finished already. Nick's birthday is another story. It will be his Sweet 16. And no, he won't be getting a car! Tough to be going through a TMMO and give this kid the moon for his birthday. Anybody have any ideas??


Kris said...

Hey Wendy! Found your blog through the LLNOE boards. I had no idea you lived in SE WI - I live in SCentral WI - near Janesville! Small world! lol

Just wanted to pop on and say that I think you're doing great on the TMMO. I see you went through FPU online - I've been considering it. Once we get the BEF set up again, we may go for it. :)

kmickeyd on LLNOE. :)