Sunday, October 14, 2007

How did we get so far behind?

I guess part of solving the problem is identifying the problem. You would look at our debt and figure we drive expensive cars, dress in the latest fashions and have a big house with luxury appliances and the latest sound system. Truth is, we don't. I have always cut coupons, used a budget, shopped clearance racks, driven used cars and just recently moved into a modest sized house. So where did all this debt come from? CREDIT CARDS! Hey, Wendy -- if you don't have the luxuries -- what do you have to show for the credit card debt?

I used a budget -- FOR BILLS. That's what our paychecks paid for. The rest of our LIFE was funded by the temptation of CREDIT CARDS. Ala groceries, dentist bills, entertainment, dining out, medical bills, prescriptions, school lunches, clothes, car repairs etc. etc. etc.

I had been paying our debts using the snowball plan, however never really getting anyplace because once I paid one off ... I'd need to replace it with a new card that I had racked up a balance on while paying off the other one.

The key was to teach myself to budget for LIFE as well as the BILLS.
The key was to figure out where my MONEY was GOING.
The key was to QUIT being a SLAVE to the LENDER (and quit using those darn cards!)

The answer to my prayers? Dave Ramsey!