Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Cell Phone Issues: Resolved. Nick paid to have his replacement phone relisted to him.

FPU: I just completed my Financial Peace University online course. It was worth everything they ask for it. There is tons of information on there.

  • Worksheets, budgets, calculators
  • message boards and journals
  • Down loadable MP3 in the lesson categories
  • Lessons are broken into 3 so you can view them more leisurely.
  • FPU workbook in either answered or unanswered so you can fill out as you go along.
  • End of lesson quizzes -- see what you retained.

Grocery Shopping: Yeah, I whined. I'm sorry. You caught me at a less than Gazelle moment at the time. It's Sunday... and I can say that although I shopped my brains out and spent 2 weeks budget at the store.... it was justifiably spent. I still have a lot of meals to prepare this week and I think my only stop at the store will be for 1. milk 2. pop 3. coffee creamers (with coupons!) Long story short. I did good!

Debts: I'm using this month's income to pay for next month's budget. This is a new thing I've been trying and with Mike working crazy amounts of overtime lately, it's been easy to get that ball rolling. He also got a bonus this week which goes into the debt payoff pool. It's fun watching the numbers drop like flies!! We are hoping to be debt free (except for the house) early enough that we can save up for a full tilt vacation to celebrate that and our 20 year anniversary! Watch the side bar for those numbers to drop next week. (end of month)

Random Ramblings: I finished reading Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries this week. What an intense read! No doubt that I love that man -- but I'm telling you it broke my heart to read that story. Note to self: Before you think you have problems in life - try taking a walk in another man's shoes. Second note to self: Thank Mom for being a good role model!

Sad Note: Poor Chelsie. Our 20 year old cat, bless her little heart, went blind in one eye over the weekend. I know it's probably from the cataracts and hopefully the other eye is fine. We move from a ranch house to a 2 story house with basement just in time for our cat to go blind. Nice family, huh? I've been reading things on this over the weekend, and will be bringing her to the vet to see what she says.