Sunday, June 21, 2009

How sweet it is ...

Happiness is ....

Realizing that no matter what's been happening .... WE ARE SURVIVING!

It looks as if my husband's job is back to normal swing. My job is at normal swing plus a day. The overtime I worked that I thought was going to kill me -- didn't and I have two really sweet paychecks to show for it.

Through the darkness - we never used a credit card. We never fell behind in payments. We never once felt as if we were strapped or stuck.

With our stashed cash (extra paycheck, tax refund money etc) and overtime check we were able to:

  1. Send an extra $2000.00 to our lowest debt in July.
  2. Pay Extra towards what we owed for Property Taxes due in July
  3. Put aside some Play Money for summer (Summer Fest and Brewer game)
  4. Did all of our annual outside maintenance.

For those still wondering if ENVELOPES are a good idea:
So far this summer we needed -
$200 for lawn repair
$200 for an air conditioner replacement part and labor
$45 for driveway seal coating
All of which came from an account already funded for Household Repairs and such. The only inconvenience I had was transferring the money from my Savings acct to my checking!! Thank goodness for thinking ahead! That would have been $445 on a credit card if we hadn't planned ahead!

I'm truly thankful for the lessons I am learning!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You are an inspiration to me! Enjoy your summer fun.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much! It's been a heck of a battle learning the lessons we've learned. I'm happy that I can share my lessons and hardships.