Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gearing up for the Holidays (already) and Updates

October Updates:
I'm sorry I didn't post my October budget snapshot for everyone. It's much of the same from last month actually. We're still plugging away at the bills - just not as intensely as we were. I guess our gazelles needed a break.

Money Savings:
The stockpile is growing leaps and bounds by the deals I have been getting at Walgreens and Meijer lately. The industrial size shelving unit I bought to put in the basement is nearly full! My freezer is getting full, and my pantry is overloaded! I feel like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

Possible Surgery:
Overtime does take it's toll.... eventually. The dh went to the doctor last week and they are discussing surgery on both of his knees. Thank goodness for disability insurance and an emergency fund! Even if he's out for a bit (which Mr.Stubborn probably won't be) we'll be covered.

Christmas Shopping:
The task has started. My teenage DS's wish list includes an IPOD and not the Shuffle or the Nano. This kid is no slouch! We're talking the iTouch! Thank Goodness for ChaCha! I've got that one covered. As the years go by, I have less gifts to buy -- they just cost more!

I remember last year, November killed my budget. Of course, I forgot to write down what about it killed the budget so I can't remember what needed the extra funding. I have dog-eared the thought so I can set some extra blow money aside for whatever it is that November holds ... especially if November is when dh is out for surgery!

BTW: I finally updated my debt totals to the right and the pie chart is now correct.


Jerry said...

I hear ya. Christmas is a killer. We use ebay, though, and it's saved us a lot of money. We've also been selling things on there for years and use the money from that the buy our gifts. It's our little insurance for our regular budget and we never have to go into debt. Just a thought!


Wendy said...

Definately a good idea. I am horrible about parting with my stuff... but I certainly buy on there!!

Anonymous said...

I know the teenage Christmas list pain. I have two teenage boys and they really don't ask for a lot but whoa the cost of the few items they do want.

Scott Crawford said...


I'm reading your post and thinking about how to teach the kids to value things around the holidays like family and friends above toys. A tall order. I also work for a company that's trying to build a product that helps people get out of debt. A lot of the people that we talk to are frustrated about the upcoming shopping season and don't know what to tell their kids. Any thoughts on effective budgeting for gifts this year?


Scott Crawford