Thursday, July 10, 2008


A Raise and Increased (and MANDATORY overtime)
For me? Are you kidding?! No, my stallion husband is the work horse in this family! Last week he was given his annual raise. For what he does for the company he deserves far more than they could ever afford to pay him, but he was happy with his raise. This week they had a meeting and not only is there overtime available ... it's now MANDATORY per the company president! No ifs, ands or buts about it. This will go on for the rest of the month and they will "revisit" the idea and see if it can and should continue.

Wendy's learning to Cha Cha!

So can you REALLY make money from home sitting on your computer? The answer is YES! I've been doing this Cha Cha thing for a couple of weeks. (I took off 6 days to enjoy what time I had off from my other job on this busy holiday weekend!) The consensus? Well, I've pulled in a little over $84.00 already! The crazy thing is that it can only get better as I get faster at answering the questions. Most people average about double what I can do. But you know, for sitting on my computer looking up random questions and giving answers - this is a blessing. A stress less atmosphere!

So what's it all about? Go see for yourself - Or text a question to 242242 and see how it works for you. Cha Cha doesn't charge you to ask questions, but be aware if you pay per text message with your cell phone provider.

I've started my Cha Cha team. I know, I know.. I just started myself - but I always jump in with both feet! The more learning at the same time the merrier! If you are interested in joining Cha Cha, please use my email address as the one who referred you. That way you will be included on my team and we can work together! The email address (made into a graphic to avoid the spammers) is:
When you join, before you carry onward, please email me and I can work you through the steps and share the things I have learned so far.

What does this all mean?

The overtime will be helpful in getting the ds set up for his junior year of high school and pay extra towards our credit card debt and the Cha Cha will go towards gift buying expenditures. Birthdays on the horizon: My dh, my mother and then my son -- don't blink -- Christmas! I think it will come in handy!!!


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