Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year! (yes I know it's mid January)

Happy New Year!
I've never been more concerned about a year as I am entering 2009. I refuse to be Henny Penny and cry that the sky is falling, but holy cow! I hope all my blogging buddies are weathering this financial storm okay. All I can say is:

  1. I'm glad that I started Dave Ramsey when I did, so I have a whole lot less credit card debt than I had before which means lower monthly payments.
  2. I should not have purchased that car!
At a Complete Stand Still
Storm clouds all around and doesn't look to be getting any better until this economy shifts. My husband's overtime was such a blessing in helping whack the debt away - however without it it seems like nothing is getting done. No extra money to the snowball, and cutting back on some budget items that we could do without -- temporarily. Good news is -- that despite the lay-offs that have been rocketing through his workplace -- he still has a job.

My son and I work at the same restaurant. We got news that he will most likely get laid off until spring and they look to be cutting everyone's hours - including managers. These short checks really are starting to hurt.

Silver Lining
Having a stockpile is really going to come in handy! The grocery bills have been low and can probably go a little lower if need be (who am I kidding ...there will need be)

Wishing everybody the best!
Hold onto your bootstraps everyone!


Kris said...

Hey, you! I've missed seeing you. :)

I'm sorry to hear the restaurant has been hit so hard. Winter's so hard on that around here in WI anyway, but with this crazy recession, that stinks.

Can you sell the car if it's causing that much stress?

Stay warm - supposed to be very cold again tonight...

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